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Adidas Vs Nike Sizing 2023: Find Your Perfect Fit?

Adidas and Nike are two of the most popular top-tier sportswear brands. The industry leaders are well-known for providing quality, style, comfort, and innovation. Since they are competitors, some differences in their products are inevitable. However, one of the key questions when switching brands is Adidas vs Nike Sizing, What’s the Difference?

Finding the right shoe size is crucial to avoid injuries, especially if you are an athlete or runner. Tight or loosely fitting shoes are guaranteed tickets to losing the game. You surely don’t want that, right?

Read this guide if you are going to shop for your shoes online. It should tell you about the Adidas vs. Nike sizing | what’s the difference between them. Let’s get into it.

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Adidas Vs Nike: Overview

Adidas Vs Nike

Adidas or Nike are usually one’s first choices when shopping for sports shoes. Adidas, with the three-stripe logo, is based in Europe. It is well-known for its innovation, sustainable manufacturing techniques, and high-quality, comfortable products. 

On the other hand, Nike, the one with the swoosh logo, operates in the USA. They, too, focus greatly on athletic product R&D and cutting-edge technologies.

Both of these brands produce high-quality shoes after extensive R&D experiments and inputs from some of the greatest designers and sports engineers. Moreover, they also collaborate with some successful athletes worldwide to produce their limited editions.

Their end goal is always emphatic comfort and utility with elegant styling and maximum returns on the efforts put in by an athlete in the field.

That said, before choosing between these brands, one needs to understand the difference between their products to make the right purchase.

Adidas vs Nike Sizing: What’s the Difference?

Both companies offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate various foot shapes and sizes. However, there are some differences between the sizing of Adidas and Nike.

While comparing the shoes from these two brands, Adidas shoes tend to be slightly larger than Nike shoes by around 5mm. In other words, if you wear 9.5 size Nike shoes, Adidas’s size 10 should fit you equally well.

Also, when considering the Adidas vs. Nike sizing charts, Adidas shoes are true to their sizing, whereas Nike shoes are half a size smaller than mentioned. Therefore, you may be fine with the size for Adidas, but be particular when buying Nike shoes.

Moreover, many other features also make up for the size differences between these brands. We will also discuss those characteristics.

Shoe Size Chart

Consulting a shoe size guide of a brand is important to find the right fit. The official website of both brands displays their shoe size charts in all categories for men, women, and kids. They provide measurements in US, UK, JP, and EU country size units so you can easily understand them.

Check out the Adidas and Nike sizing charts below to identify the suitable size.

Nike Sizing Chart

Nike Sizing Chart

Adidas Sizing Chart

Adidas Sizing Chart

Shoe Features and Materials

Shoe length is not the only factor that determines its suitability for a particular foot size; various other characteristics contribute to it. The same goes for Adidas vs. Nike sizing, as they have a wide range of collections. Consider the specific models, designs, and materials used to determine the size difference between Adidas and Nike shoes. Moreover, you also need to consider your foot shape, arch support needs, and the type of activity for which shoes are required.

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Adidas Vs Nike: How Do They Fit?

Suppose you want a new pair of shoes from Adidas or Nike; knowing how their shoes usually fit is crucial, right? Only then can you make the right decision. According to Quora, these are a few questions new customers always ask.

Which One Fits True to Size?

Although both brands showcase their sizing chart, knowing which brand fits true to their size is crucial. Among the two, Adidas stay true to their sizes for most of their designs. Therefore, you can consult the size chart and order your shoe without any worries.

On the other hand, if you are a Nike user, consider getting a 5mm bigger size for the Adidas pair, as they run half-length smaller. You may also find the displayed size slightly narrower.

Which One Is Good For Wide Feet?

Adidas always focuses on foot shape and size to provide comfortable shoes. They have a wide range of shoe collections for wide-footed consumers. For instance, Ozelle, Solar Glide, and Superstars are running shoes that market to consumers with wide feet.

Nike also has some athletic styles for wide feet, such as Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, Air Max, and VaporMax, to name a few.

Does Adidas Size Bigger Than Nike?

Yes, Adidas runs about 5mm larger than Nike. For instance, if you compare Adidas vs. Nike size chart, you will find out that a women’s Nike shoe 9.62 inches are about a millimeter smaller than an Adidas shoe size 8 (9.7 inches).

How to Find the Perfect Shoe Measurement?  

The shoe size chart and description of your shoe design and material help estimate the right size. Also, consider checking your already-owned collection to determine Adidas vs. Nike sizing. However, the design and padding may affect the correct analysis.

If you are still not confident about it, you can always measure your foot size before buying the shoes. You only need paper, a pen, and a measuring tape to get precise feet measurements.

  • Place the paper under your feet and outline your feet.
  • Get a ruler and draw a line from your longest toe to the heel.
  • Measure the line, do the same with the other foot, and voila!

Shoe Fitting Tips for Adidas and Nike?

As convenient as online shopping is, buying the right size and fit for shoes can be equally challenging, especially if you are trying the brand for the first time. Adidas and Nike have different manufacturing procedures, designs, and shoe widths. You can follow some shoe-fitting tips to buy the right size of Adidas or Nike shoes online.

  • Measure the foot properly with an inch tape.
  • Consider your foot shapes or any specific foot condition/injuries, such as high arches, wider feet, etc.
  • Try socks you normally wear with shoes while measuring your feet size, as it can affect the fit and feel of the shoe later.
  • Read online reviews of the customers who have already made the purchase. The comments regarding the sizing can give you a better idea of whether the shoes run true to size or if you need to go for a size up or down.
  • Look for free returns or exchanges so that you can try the shoes at home at return if they don’t fit properly.  

Adidas vs. Nike Sizing: What’s the Difference in Their Brand-Specific Features

Adidas and Nike provide online consultations to help you figure out Adidas vs. Nike sizing. The official mobile app from Nike allows you to post a picture of your foot. This way, you can get the right size for any model from their collection. Nike shoes tend to be tighter, so go up a size up if you want the shoes to be less snug.

Adidas also provides a one-click mobile app to help you determine your shoe size based on your foot measurements. The app will suggest the best Adidas shoe size for you based on its sizing chart. Moreover, you can use this app to browse and shop for Adidas shoes in your recommended size.


When buying shoes, comfort and a snug fit are always the main concerns. Adidas runs true to its sizing and markets for wide feet, whereas Nike is a size smaller and narrower.

However, instead of assuming your size, always look for the brand’s respective size chart to get the right purchase to avoid returning or exchanging your shoes. Therefore, measuring your feet and coordinating your findings with their mobile apps can help you make the right decision.


Which Is More Comfortable, Adidas Vs. Nike?

Both brands are well-known for providing comfort with style and innovation. That said, Adidas is often praised for its comfortable shoes with excellent fitting.

Which is more affordable, Adidas Vs. Nike?

Regarding pricing, Adidas has a wide range of affordable athletic shoes compared with Nike, which costs a bomb.

What to choose, Adidas Vs. Nike?

Both brands offer high-quality shoes with different designs, technology, brand identity, and pricing. Whether you choose Adidas or Nike depends on your personal preference.