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How to Get Creases Out of Jordan 4 Shoes Easily? 2023

Creases are an unavoidable consequence of wearing shoes, especially in Jordan 4. Your foot’s movements from heel to toe can create bends and wrinkles in the material that eventually become deep creases. You can’t prevent them, but you can still do something about them!

With regular cleaning and shining, most evidence of creases will fade away. And if they remain, there is no need to worry – they’re just a natural part of breaking in a new pair of shoes. So don’t be too hard on yourself; creases are all part of the process!

Remember: with the proper care; you can keep your shoes looking great even after those inevitable signs of wear have developed. It is impossible to avoid some things, but that does not make them any less important.

Here are small and quick steps to remove creases from the Jordan 4.

creases on Jordan 4

Use a Condition.

Use a specially formulated conditioner or oil to restore your shoes’ pristine look by removing unsightly creases. Before starting, it’s essential to test the product on an inconspicuous shoe spot to ensure no discoloration.

Gently massage in the oil or conditioner, paying extra attention to the creased area to maintain uniformity. To help keep the shoe’s shape while it dries, insert a shoe tree. Add a few drops of oil or conditioner to the tree for protection.

Finally, apply a protective wax coating all over your shoes to ensure they last longer and look their best!

Try blow-drying.


If the conditioner does not work, try using a blow dryer to remove creases. Make sure your shoe is clean before you begin and that it has been well-conditioned. Set the blow dryer on low heat and move it slowly around the affected area.

As you do this, press lightly against the material with your fingers or a cloth to flatten it out and help release the creases. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or heat, as this could damage your shoe!

Hold the dryer a distance of 8–10 inches away from your shoe. Pass the dryer over the shoe several times, heating the leather as you go.

Steam Your Shoes.

Steam is a great way to reduce creases on your Jordan 4. Start by filling a pot with water and bringing it to a boil, then place the shoes on top of the pot (not dipping them into the boiling water).

Keep them several inches from direct contact with steam, and make sure the lid is closed. Leave them there for 5–10 minutes, stepping away from the stove to avoid accidents.

Once finished, use a cloth to wipe down your shoes and apply a protective wax coating all over the shoe for extra protection.

Use an Iron.

Use an Iron to remove creases from jordan 4

If the steam method does not work, you can use an iron. Place a cloth between your shoe and the iron to avoid direct contact, and set the iron to its lowest heat setting.

Gently rub the iron over the affected area, applying gentle pressure with your hands or a cloth to help flatten out the creases. Ironing is a popular technique for removing wrinkles in shoes, as the combination of heat and moisture softens the material to help stretch it out.

The heat from the iron is dispersed using a damp towel to prevent scorching marks on the shoe material. This method works best on leather shoes; however, it can also be used on suede shoes, provided the towel is wrung out thoroughly first to reduce moisture.

Store the shoes in a warm, damp environment until they cool and dry to minimize the appearance of creases.


No matter how careful you are with your shoes, creases are inevitable. Don’t panic when they appear; keep the above tips in mind to help reduce the appearance of creases on your Jordan 4.

Regular cleaning and conditioning will quickly fade away most evidence of wear. And if they remain, there is no need to worry – they’re just part of the story that makes up your shoes’ unique journey and character.


Below I am showing some frequently asked questions.

How often should I condition my Jordan 4?

After wearing them 5-10 times, it’s recommended to condition your shoes. Conditioning helps to restore the leather, softening and protecting it from damage. It also helps keep them looking good and reduces the appearance of creases.

How can I reduce the chances of getting creases on my Jordan 4?

To reduce the chances of getting creases on your Jordan 4, clean and condition them regularly. You can also insert shoe trees in the shoes while they are still damp after wearing, which will help retain the shape of the boots and prevent creases.